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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1962 album from the Rock/Rhythm & Blues/Blues guitarist. Legendary guitarist, gifted songwriter, master of rhythm, and snappy dresser - Bo Diddley was all of these things and more. His first albums are among the greatest in the history of Rock ''n'' Roll. This quintessential release includes his long unavailable second eponymous album, Bo Diddley, originally released by Checker Records. It is probably Diddley''s most obscure LP, but also one of his finest. This underrated treasure was recorded in Chicago during his most inspired period. This remastered collector''s edition also contains 12 bonus tracks, most of them consisting of hard-to-find numbers, B-sides and live cuts from the same period. Between hypnotic and rhythmic guitar lines and swaggering vocals, all these songs serve up a young Bo Diddley at his raw and primal best. Hoo Doo.

Track Listings

1 I Can Tell
2 Mr. Krushchev
3 Diddling
4 Give Me a Break
5 Who May Your Lover Be
6 Bo''s Bounce
7 You Can''t Judge a Book By It''s Cover
8 Babes in the Woods
9 Sad Sack
10 Mama Don''t Allow No Twistin''
11 You All Green
12 Bo''s Twist
13 Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw
14 Aloha
15 Funny Talk
16 Let Me Pass [Live]
17 Back Home
18 Road Runner [Live]
19 Give Me a Break/You Can''t Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover [Live]
20 Bucket
21 Hey! Bo Diddley [Live]
22 I''m Bad
23 Googlia Moo
24 My Story

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